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Inderjeet, Chef at GURU Indian Bistro

Your Indian Bistro
on the Plateau

Located in the heart of the Plateau, we invite you to a celebration of Indian flavours with our brand new menu. Prepared with care, it unveils an exquisite collection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts designed to dazzle your taste buds and awaken your senses.

As a starter, give in to the temptation of our Dal Shorba Soup, a velvety concoction rich in yellow lentils and fragranced with ginger, or be enticed by our vegetarian samosas, a perfect introduction to our culinary world.

Seafood lovers will rejoice with our Mahi Mahi Tandoori, while staples such as our famous Butter Chicken and the Chicken and Berry Biryani promise a memorable taste experience, marked by a dazzling fusion of flavours.

For our vegetarian guests, creations like Malai Kofta and Paneer Tikka Masala offer moments of pure indulgence, each bite paying homage to Indian culinary traditions.

Don’t leave without trying our divine desserts, such as Gulab Jamun or Cardamom Crème Brûlée. And why not complete your meal with a refreshing Espresso Martini?

Book now for a taste adventure as rich and colourful as Indian culture itself. Don’t miss this unparalleled culinary experience at GURU Indian Bistro!

Choice Indian Menu

At GURU Indian Bistro, each dish tells a story, woven from tradition and modernity. Our menu, renowned for its refinement and exceptional quality, is the result of meticulous research for the best ingredients and a focus on every detail of preparation.

Our chef, inspired by the culinary riches of India, creates dishes that subtly blend spices and flavors, offering a unique and memorable taste experience. From appetizer to dessert, each recipe is refined to satisfy the most demanding palates, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

We invite our guests to savor revisited classics, such as our Kashmiri lamb or our famous Mahi Mahi in curry sauce, or to discover original creations that will awaken your senses. At GURU Indian Bistro, quality is not just a promise—it’s an experience we are proud to share with you.

Come and enjoy a culinary journey where tradition and innovation meet in an elegant and welcoming setting. It is with passion that we serve you refined dishes, prepared to enhance every moment spent at our table.

Our Most Popular

Tandoori Shrimps / $23

Giant shrimps marinated in Tandoori spices, grilled to perfection to offer an irresistible fusion of flavors.

chicken & berries biryani / $25

Fragrant Basmati rice with pieces of chicken, aromatic spices, and sweet berries, creating a fantastic fusion dish.

curry mahi mahi / $25

Mahi Mahi fillet cooked in a flavorful curry sauce, with spices that enhance its delicate flavor.

famous guru butter chicken / $23

Succulent pieces of chicken simmered in a creamy tomato and spice sauce, creating a richly flavored dish.

The Magic of
a Plateau Happy Hour

Experience the magic of Happy Hour’s at GURU Indian Bistro, your escape in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. In a vibrant and welcoming setting, we turn each evening into a celebration of conviviality and sharing.

Join us to unwind after work in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, where artisan cocktails perfectly complement refined appetizers. Our specialties, inspired by the rich and spicy flavors of India, are ideal for enhancing your conversations with friends or colleagues.

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the Plateau, where the energy of the neighborhood adds a unique touch to our already exquisite ambiance. At GURU, each Happy Hour is an opportunity to take a break from the everyday, enjoy good times, and create lasting memories.

Restaurant Carré st-louis Plateau-Mont-Royal
Cocktail Pisco Punch garni de fleurs et fruits, servi avec glace pilée

Relaxation & Gastronomy Package

Elevate your senses at GURU Indian Bistro and Spa Carré Saint-Louis

Nestled within the peaceful Spa Carré Saint-Louis complex, GURU Indian Bistro offers more than just a meal: it promises a true sensory journey. Continue your experience of relaxation and gastronomic pleasure with us, after a revitalizing day at the spa, where the aromatic flavors of India are served with elegance.

Dine and relax: Combine the comfort of our spa treatments with the exotic tastes of our meticulously crafted Indian cuisine. From the spicy zing of our Tandoori dishes to the subtle sweetness of our desserts, each dish complements your spa experience.

Spa & Gastronomy Packages: We offer customized packages that combine spa treatments with a culinary feast at GURU. Perfect for a getaway or a special occasion, these packages make an ideal gift for your loved ones or a personal treat.

End your day: Conclude your spa day with a signature cocktail or a cup of aromatic chai with us, ensuring your relaxation lasts until the very last moment.

Hôtel Carré saint-Louis à Montréal
menu du GURU, Bistro indien

Hotel, Spa & Bistro Complex

Discover the perfect getaway in the heart of Montreal at the Hotel & Spa Carré St-Louis complex, enhanced by the exquisite cuisine of GURU Indian Bistro.

Located in the bustling Plateau neighborhood, just minutes from downtown, our complex offers a unique “Relaxation & Gastronomy” experience, ideal for visitors from Quebec and tourists seeking an unparalleled escape.

Be charmed by the vibrant atmosphere of the Plateau while enjoying the comfort and relaxation offered by our hotel and spa. After a day exploring the cultural riches and attractions of Montreal, find serenity at our spa before savoring the enchanting flavors of India at GURU Bistro, all without leaving the comfort of our complex.

With us, every moment of your stay is designed for your enjoyment and relaxation. Take advantage of our first-class facilities and let our expert team pamper you from the start to the end of your visit.

Book your stay at the Hotel & Spa Carré St-Louis and turn your visit to Montreal into an unforgettable experience of relaxation and gastronomy.

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Treat yourself to the joy of a fabulous cocktail and a sumptuous meal.

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Happy Hour 2/1 Special

Exclusively on weekdays. Enjoy.