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Welcome to GURU Indian Bistro, the first purely Indian venture by the Sandhu family, an iconic presence in the dining scene of the Plateau since 1982.

As pioneers of gastronomy in this vibrant Montreal neighborhood, the Sandhu family has consistently shared their passion for authenticity and culinary excellence. GURU Indian Bistro represents the culmination of decades of experience and commitment to quality cuisine, offering an immersive and authentic Indian experience that celebrates the traditions and rich flavors of India.

Discover a menu that combines finesse and creativity, where each dish tells a story of culture and culinary craftsmanship. Be swept away by the enticing aromas of exotic spices and carefully selected ingredients, in a setting that evokes elegance and conviviality.

Join us at GURU Indian Bistro for a culinary exploration that will transport you directly to the heart of India, thanks to the vision and passion of the Sandhu family.

Authentic Culinary Experience

Aloo Gobi servi avec riz basmati et pain naan


Un cocktail Old Fashioned avec zeste d'orange flambé, servi dans un verre à whisky.


Malai Kofta dans une sauce crémeuse épicée, accompagné de riz basmati et de pain naan.


The Owners

The Sandhu family, established in Quebec for over 40 years, has become a pillar of Indian cuisine in the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Now employing more than 100 people across several establishments, their contribution to Montreal’s economic dynamism is undeniable. Under the leadership of Goppy and Happy, the two sons who have taken over the reins, the SANDHU brand continues to symbolize culinary excellence and innovation.

Their commitment to quality and the development of new projects exemplifies a remarkable case of successful cultural integration, making the Sandhu family a true model of success in the community.

Famille Sandhu

Treat yourself to the joy of a fabulous cocktail and a sumptuous meal.

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3464 St-Denis St.
Montreal (514) 844-9777