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GOAN Shrimps (coconut)

In this new series of culinary chronicles, Chef Inderjeet of GURU Bistro indien explains us not the secrets, because there are a lot, but rather the crucial stages in the preparation of certain traditional Punjabi dishes.

Today, Chef Inderjeet talks about GOAN Shrimps; that is coconut shrimpscrevettes GOAN

GOAN Shrimps is a dish which will be cooked and served in its sauce contrary to many of the other traditional Punjabi dishes which are the object of a double maceration and with which the objective is to soak the meat in the spice flavours. In this case, this operation is getting done by the sauce which will be filled up with spices. We shall thus want to make a sauce with coconut cream but the consistency of which we shall develop a little more.

It is necessary to warm at first a little olive oil to which we will add mustard seeds, curry leaves and whole red Chile as well as onions cut into strips, which we shall cook at average-low heat until the onions turn golden brown.

We shall then add enough coconut cream for the shrimps to simmer in and some tomato puree until the sauce acquires a beautiful consistency, to which we shall add some spices like green cardamom seeds, cumin seeds, bay leaves as well as a touch of cinnamon powder to excite the taste! Let simmer 4-5 minutes to a good heat.

Chef Inderjeet tells us that for the finale, you do not have more than to add the shrimps and to extend the cooking over a low heat for 7-8 minutes. And it’s done.

Thus, no double maceration here, the secret lies in fact in the composition of the sauce and in the choice of spices which will exalt the shrimps taste.

There you go… GOAN Shrimps!  Enjoy a feast at GURU Bistro indien.


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